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  1. Melt Exhibition @ Revela-T in Barcelona

    2016-03-11 21:37:00 UTC
    I am excited to share that Melt will be exhibited in Barcelona at Revela-T, a photography festival dedicated to analog photography. May 20th thru June 5th, 2016.  More to come, as the festival draws nearer!

  2. Melt in SPE Exhibition, Vegas

    2016-03-09 21:39:00 UTC
    Pleased to share that images from Melt will be part of the 4th International Combined Caucus Juried Exhibition (LGBTQ, Mult-Cultural, & Women’s Caucuses) of the Society for Photographic Education In Vegas this weekend? Check it out. Those SPE folks know how to celebrate. At the Red Rock Resort Saturday, March…

  3. 2016 Workshops Posted

    2016-02-11 21:42:00 UTC
    Going to be an amazing summer, this 2016!  Teaching a number of workshops at Maine Media Workshops this spring and summer, ranging form 2-day Lightroom Intensives to week-long sessions in black & white darkroom. The gorgeous catalog should be in your mailbox soon! You can see workshops I’m leading on…

  4. Interviewed by Kenny Cole in Maine Arts Journal

    2016-01-06 21:44:00 UTC
    The Union of Maine Visual Artists published the Winter 2016 issue of the Maine Arts Journal UMVA Quarterly.  I was recently interviewed by artist Kenny Cole on the journal’s theme of Impermanence relating to the Melt project. You can check out the entire journal free online.

  5. Melt make Sun Journal’s Year in Weird Roundup

    2015-12-07 22:18:00 UTC
    Earlier this year, Supercluster Arion & Other Phenomena was featured by Katrhyn Skelton in the Sun Journal’s  Weird, Wicked Weird. Katrhyrn was in touch recently to see what else I was up to, and that would be Melt. Love being included in the year’s highlights!  You can read the full…

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