Exhibition at Maine Media Gallery

I am pleased to share the exhibition The Door Between, Book Arts & Historic Process Photography at Maine Media Gallery, in Rockport village. This group exhibition features works from artists Valerie Carrigan, Tillman Crane, Susan Davens, Brenton Hamilton, Jeannie Hutchins, Sal Taylor Kydd, Nancy Loeber, Jim Nickelson, Jason Philbrook, Anneli Skaar, Richard Reitz Smith, Alan Vlach, and myself. 

 Several pieces from the series Supercluster Arion & Other Phenomena are available. These images were made with the help of local garden slugs. 

You can also check out all the great photo books at Tim’s bookstore, which is not to be missed (along with his stories)! 

Where: Maine Media Gallery, Rockport 

When: August 14, - October 6, 2017

Auric Object #3b, silver gelatin photograph mounted to anodized aluminum

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