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  1. Hair Stories Exhibition in Boston Globe

    08 Aug 2021
    The newest exhibition at the Newport Art Museum receives review in Boston Globe.  This is an amazing exhibition filled with metaphor, identity, loss, and healing. I’m pleased to share my first performance for camera video piece “The Haircut or… Learning to Let Go”. It’s a terrific show curated by Senior…

  2. @ Newport Art Musuem

    03 Aug 2021
    Pleased to note that my first performance for camera piece “The Haircut or… Learning to Let Go” is part of the “Hair Stories” exhibition at the Newport Art Museum.  The exhibition was curated by Senior Curator Francine Weiss.  You can preview the piece here. Where: The Newport Art Museum When:

  3. Extraction Exhibition at Center for Photographic Art

    26 Jun 2021
    The exhibition @centerphotographicart is open from June 26 thur August 1.  There is a virtual opening today (6/26) at 7pm PST.  Artists include: Tony Bellaver, Mima Cataldo, Sarah Christianson, Steve Dzerigian, David Ellingsen, David Gardner, Paccarik Orue, Jerry Takigawa, Yelena Zhavoronkova, and me.  Thank you to Helaine Glick who curated…

  4. Artist-in-Residence at Monson Arts

    03 Jun 2021
    I cannot believe that the month of May was here and gone. I was so fortunate to spend the month as an artist-in-residence at Monson Arts. The location/landscape is gorgeous, and the surrounding community was so welcoming, and interested in what all of us artists were working on. The town…

  5. Video Piece at BROTO

    22 May 2021
    My video piece “Witness” was selected and is now on view in the virtual exhibition agency as part of the BROTO ‘21 conference.  You can catch it here or on my vimeo channel. BROTO: Art-Climate-Science is a program produced by the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability.

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