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  1. Artists in Conversation thru PRC 5/19

    2022-05-24 19:18:45 UTC
    Please join Curator Sarah Pollman, artist Vanessa Leroy and myself for a conversation about our exhibition, Documents for an Imagined Future.  The event is free and online -  register here. Where: PRC storefronts VirtualWhen: Thursday, May 19, 2022; 5:30 - 7:30 pm (EST)

  2. Exhibition at PRC’s storefronts

    2022-05-03 14:48:28 UTC
    Curator Sarah Pollman invited Vanessa Leroy and myself to share the concept of Documents for an Imagined Future at PRC’s storefront art projects.  Two of my works will be available here, The Haircut Or… Learning To Let Go, and the collaborative zine A guide to Loss & Grieving in the…

  3. Elegy at SE Center 4 Photography

    2022-04-14 15:35:48 UTC
    Juror Aline Smithson selected Elegy  IV for  the exhibit Conversations with the Archive at The SE Center for Photography.  On view through April 30th. Many terrific works in this exhibition, a few of the artists include: Joas Yip, Jerry Takigawa, Astrid Reischwitz, Diane Meyer, JP Terlizzi, and Melanie Walker. There…

  4. Anthoypes Exhibition

    2022-03-26 18:07:59 UTC
    A selection of anthotypes sourced from local Maine materials is part of the group exhibition Making Pictures from Plants: Contemporary Anthotypes at the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts. The exhibiting artists include: Lindsey Beal, Edd Carr, Caleb Cole, Nettie Edwards, Christine Elfman, Elizabeth Ellenwood, Jesseca Ferguson (Co-Curator), Brittonie Fletcher…

  5. Index @ Candela Gallery

    2022-03-26 18:04:14 UTC
    A selection of works from the series Index are part of the group exhibition Coming Down to Earth, a lyrical study around the subterranean garden at Candela Gallery. The exhibiting artists include: Alanna Airitam, Jasmine Clarke, Paul Guilmoth, Justine Kurland, Gita Lenz, Anne Arden McDonald, Justin James Reed, Patricia Underwood…

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