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  1. Melt Reviewed in Art New England

    2015-12-03 22:21:00 UTC
    Thank you to Carl Little who reviewed our group show at Susan Maasch Fine Art (SMFA) in the November/December issue of Art New England. The show features painter Kiki Gaffney, photographer David Caras, and works from my project Melt. Didn’t catch the show at SMFA?? No worries, you can still…

  2. Melt featured on Lenscratch

    2015-11-12 22:24:00 UTC
    Thank you to the amazing Aline Smithson for her introducing MELT to the Lenscratch community. I had the opportunity to catch up with her in Maine this summer while we were both teaching at Maine Media Workshops. She is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!   You can catch the feature  on Lenscratch here Melt N51…

  3. Lecture & Exhibit @ PRC in Boston

    2015-11-04 22:26:00 UTC
    In Boston this weekend? Come join me for some wonderful lectures and panel discussions at the Society for Photographic Education Northeast Region’s annual conference. The theme for this year’s conference is “Advocacy: Photography’s Role in Affecting Change”. I will be discussing my recent project MELT This year the conference is…

  4. Artist Conversation & Reception @ USM 10/29

    2015-11-01 22:40:00 UTC
    Please join me for a conversation about my current exhibition A Lensless Vision: Camera-less Works at USM. Reception too! Where: USM Glickman Library, 5th Floor, Portland, ME When: Thursday October 29, 2015; 6-8pm Maine Museum of Photographic Arts Melt N51 W116

  5. Art & Climate Change in Portland Press Herald

    2015-11-01 22:29:00 UTC
    Melt is included in article by Marina Schauffler in The Portland Press Herald, Artists in Maine Make Climate Change Personal. Melt N50 W122

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