2020 Schedule

Due to the pandemic, most of my classes have been cancelled, however I am really excited to be offering two online workshops for young artists through Maine Media Workshops this summer. Hopefully there will be more to come in the year ahead.

Young Artists: Developing Your Vision (Online) @ Maine Media Workshops (7/13-7/17)

Let’s talk pictures! And I do mean your pictures. Looking for inspiration, direction, or a community to share your pictures with?  This is your week to create new images, receive personal and meaningful feedback on your pictures in a group setting, and develop an understanding of your images.

Join me over the course of a week with afternoons filled with group review and critique of the previous day’s assignment along with discussion of various styles/genres of photography. Short visual lectures will be used to explore photographic language and the prompt for the next assignment.  The evenings and mornings will provide the opportunity for students to make new images with the tools of their choice (dedicated camera or phone). 

Class meets on Zoom Monday-Friday 1-4:30 pm EST

Young Artists: Bookmaling with Adobe Lightroom and Blurb (Online) @ Maine Media Workshops (7/27-7/31)

The world of online publishing offers an exciting myriad of options for artists. The  tools and technology are readily available to create self-published materials from zines to books and portfolios. Publishing your work has never been so easy. 

Young artists in this workshop will discover and explore the lo-fi and hi-fi creative possibilities of digital publishing with Adobe Lightroom and Blurb.  We will investigate traditional and contemporary design and layout, cover the essentials of workflow and color management, and explore books for inspiration.

In addition to learning the software, participants study and explore the full realm of bookmaking including indie pubs, editing, sequencing, layouts, text, and paper options. Students can anticipate completing one book project by class end.  Students should have a rough idea about a book that they would like to make.

Class meets on Zoom Monday-Friday 1-5pm EDT. Students meet individually with instructor in the am for 0.5 hours

2019 Schedule 

1-Week Mentoring in the B&W Darkroom @ Maine Media Workshops (7/7-7/13)

Doing it in the dark gets better with practice and community. This week will provide individuals with 5 full days of supervised darkroom printing to help each individual achieve their vision.

Young Scholastic Portfolio Development @ Maine Media Workshops (7/21-8/3)

Develop a portfolio, and prepare for academic application through class discussion, fieldwork, and lab time. Two weeks of filed trips, and critique. Participants will come away with a portfolio and understanding of their pictures, as well as a website.

Image by Molly D'Arcy, 2015

Private Mentoring 

Located in mid-coast Maine, I have facilities for silver gelatin and alternative process-based work. We can also work remotely via the web.

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