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  1. Morphing Medium @MMPA Review

    2022-11-21 17:42:34 UTC
    Morphing Medium reviewed in Portland Press Herald. A jam-packed exhibition on view until Dec. 3rd. 

  2. Exhibition at MMPA

    2022-10-24 15:48:31 UTC
    The Maine Museum of Photographic Arts is full to the brim with photographic works. I am pleased that works from Supercluster Arion & Other Phenomena are part of this expanded view of the photographic medium. These celestial collaboration with slugs are unique silver gelatin photographic objects.  Artists include Deb Whitney,…

  3. CPAC Exhibition Reviews

    2022-06-06 20:57:27 UTC
    The Culture of Hair Exhibition at CPAC with fellow artists Tara Bogart, Nancy Grace Horton, Rohina Hoffman, and Inyang Essien has been written up twice in Denver news.  Check ‘em out! Denver Post by Mark Rinaldi 303 Magazine by Lexi Riga

  4. Exhibition @ CPCA

    2022-05-24 19:18:54 UTC
    CPAC Executive Director and Curator, Samantha Johnston, assembled a group of artworks from five artists whose work deals with or explores hair for the exhibition Culture of Hair. I am pleased to have The Haircut Or…Learning to Let Go be included along with works by Rohina Hoffman, Inyang Essien, Tara…

  5. Panel Discussion @ CPCA

    2022-05-24 19:18:50 UTC
    I am looking forward to participating in the Panel Discussion with the other artists - Rohina Hoffman, Inyang Essien, Tara Bogart, and Nancy Grace Horton- and Samantha Johnston, Curator for the exhibition. You can register for the event here. Should be quite the conversation!  Where: Colorado Photographic Arts Center -…

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