News + Events

  1. Image Acquired by Museum of Fine Arts Houston

    24 Jun 2020
    I am pleased to announce that the Museum of Fine Arts Houston has acquired an image from the series Index. The unique image titled #00125 Verbena hastata is  a gum bichromate photogram with 22k gold embellishment. See more about the project here.

  2. Index Featured in Lenscratch

    29 May 2020
    A huge thank you to Aline Smithson and Lenscratch for featuring work from my project Index and The Guide to Loss and Grieving in the Anthropocene. We were lucky to catch up at FotoFest 2020 where I had the chance to share these with her.

  3. Featured in BBC Culture

    25 Apr 2020
    Gaia Vince wrote an insightful piece for the BBC, appearing in the Culture section,  ”Earth Day at 50: The best ways to change the world”. My climate change work was featured along with some incredibly powerful and thought-rich projects from artists working around the globe. 

  4. The Curated Fridge

    24 Jan 2020
    Really pleased to share that my “Melt” postcard made The Curated Fridge’s first show of 2020, The One’s That Got Away.  So many great images on that fridge. Thank you to Yorgos Efthymiadis for keeping this fridge space going!  

  5. Interviewed for The Guardian

    16 Jan 2020
    I was recently interviewed for a piece published in The Guardian, ”How scientists are coping with ‘ecological grief’”.  Reporter Gaia Vince and I talked at length about my experience as both artist and scientist. Happy to be included in discussions on this all too important topic.

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