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Melt Limited Edition Portfolio 3-7

$1000.00 USD

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As a way to memorialize images from Melt, DM has created a limited edition of ten hand-crafted portfolios. This project asks us to consider the effects of climate change and still enjoy the beauty of the world around us. 

The portfolio includes a selection of elven images printed by DM on Arches Platine. The photographs are printed in salted-paper and toned in gold (and are archival), with each image separated by a sheet of vellum. One image in the portfolio is ephemeral- an unfixed salted-paper photograph to remind us of the fragility and dynamic world we live in today. The images are 6.5”H x 11.5”W.  The box is hand-crafted with the title branded into the lid. 

Edition 3-7; $1000

Edition 8-10; $1500

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